HC-05 Bluetooth Module

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Upgrade the 3018 Pro to Bluetooth

This HC-05 module is compatible with the Controller Board. The Bluetooth socket on the board is a 4 pin and this HC-05 module has 6 pins. The two outer pins are not required, simply plug the central 4 pins into the controller board leaving one pin either end disconnected.

The back of the controller board pins are labelled. Double check they match those of the Bluetooth module. I fitted mine with the button on the Bluetooth module facing downward with the controller board oriented with stepper motor connections on the top.

NOTE: The HC-05 default configuration is 9600 Baud rate and controller board is 115200 Baud. Before plugging in the module it will need to be configured to match the controller board. This is not a trivial task. I used an Arduino nano for this and renamed the module to something more appropriate at the same time.

See here for how to set up an Arduino to program the HC-05 module

The AT command needed to set the module to 115200 baud (as required by the 3018 controller board) is:


You might also choose to change the module name, for this use the command AT+NAME=3018Pro

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  1. Thnx Bob, you’re explaining things in a decent brief manner. This BT-option has never become clear to me yet, though I’m freestyling 3018 over a year and a half by now!

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