Rescue Blackbird

Day 1

Very weak when we found him. Few hours later is a different story.
Doing a lot better now. Seems relaxed between feeds and stands up on his legs to be fed.
Too lively for his old nest in a plant pot. He jumps right out. In a deeper bucket now but probably not for long. Busta’s flight feathers have opened today and he’s started pruning himself
Busta was very tame after just a few days. He was happy to perch on Samuel and even snuggled down for a short nap in his hands
Busta had a walk around the garden today. He was well camouflaged in among the plants.

A few days later Busta was at full health and was taken to Woodys wildlife rescue. They expected to release him into the wild a few weeks later. Be kind to all blackbirds – it could be Busta

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