Cronos Controller Board

Similar to that supplied with the 3018 Pro from Mostics

The controller board supplied with my 3018 Pro appears to match the picture above with one exception – the circuit board is red.

This controller is supplied with GRBL 0.9 installed. The 3018 Pro is supplied with the necessary firmware flashing tools to return to 0.9 if you decide to update and it goes wrong.

I have since flashed the controller with GRBL 1.1h to allow use of position homing on X & Y axis. It was necessary to tweak the configuration of the GRBL firmware so took the opportunity to update at the same time. Happy to report, so far, that version 1.1h appears to be fully compatible with this controller board.

2 thoughts on “Cronos Controller Board”

  1. your board looks the same as my Annoy Tools board, is it a Nano or uno board? i have tried to flash my firmware but the machine will not connect to the computer. it did work well initially then the feed motors locked up and there has been no movement since, i have been advised to flash the firmware but haven’t been able to so far.

    1. Hi Gary,

      My board uploaded with Uno selected. The upload process seems quite good at recognising when you have the wrong board selected so I expect you can keep trying alternatives without a problem.

      Good Luck


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